Our experience with kitchen remodeling goes back to 1998, having founded our company on strong principals and lasting relationships. It was our way of providing the Salt Lake area with the best remodeling services possible.

We’ve combined our love of working with people with our passion for kitchen and bathroom remodeling. We like to keep our team small to ensure that every experience is a personal one and every project is given the attention that it deserves.

Our two owners are Viktor Cavrag and Jason Smith, both bringing years of experience to every project in multiple areas from construction to real estate, giving you not just information on remodels or cabinets, but taking into account the entire scope of any project from the very beginning to the end. And our owners directly work with all of our clients, ensuring that every project is handled with experience and care.

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Viktor – Design & Consultation
Viktor is our lead designer, handling our consultations and the layouts of your remodels. With a background in real estate, Viktor can lead you and your project down the right path to yield the biggest return on your investment. When he is not working on home remodels, Viktor is an avid outdoorsman, enjoying skiing and hiking.

Jason – Project Manager
Jason is head of construction and is the project manager. With many years of education and experience behind him, he brings wisdom and efficiency to any project under his supervision. When he is not onsite or in the office, Jason enjoys spending his free time with his beautiful family.

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